Frequently Asked Questions

No, we can replace missing parts.

Yes, bad glued pieces can usually be unglued but if not can usually be disguised.

Usually yes. We can discuss with you further.

It varies. Factors affecting the cost include the number of broken pieces, patterning, any sculpturing required and other relevant factors involved in each particular piece.

We really need to see the piece to give an accurate quote.

Yes, usually with glass, however, other repairs are really for decorative use only and should not be used for food or drinking vessels. We can discuss this with you further.

If you want to know if your item is valuable enough to restore, we do not do valuations. The only true appraisal of a valuable piece is one done by an expert. It is a paid for service, resulting in documentation that can be used for insurance or resale purposes.
However, a loved family heirloom is often beyond price, even if the actual piece has little commercial value.

As we do not have credit card facilities, either cash or cheque.